Kasthall Design System

The Arkad and Häggå Collections give you the freedom to combine patterns, colours and accents precise  the way you want.

The possibilities are endless, because you can choose from over 160 colours and different patterns and combine them the way that appeals to you. For larger projects we offer even greater freedom of choice and can produce special colour and pattern combinations to suit the chosen setting. The easy accessible and web based design tool Rug Designer guides you through the process and makes sure that any design you come up with can be made on the weaving looms in our factory in Sweden. Visit Rug Designer HERE


This classic wool rug and exclusive wall-to-wall carpet is made according to old Swedish weaving traditions. This gives you the freedom to combine patterns, colours and accents just the way you want. For example, you can choose between ten different patterns and between mixed and single-colour yarns, and combine them to suit your individual taste.


A shaft-woven rug and exclusive wall-to-wall carpet that gives you the freedom to combine patterns, colors and accents precisely the way you want. You can choose from nine different patterns. Within group one you can combine them in the way that appeals to you. Patterns within group two can only be used solid. You can choose between mixed and single-color yarns. You can also add accent colors in stripes, or dividethe rug into several color fields – the possibilities are endless.

Group 1: Uni 988, Dot 982, Stripe 981, Post 911

Group 2: Goose Eye 909,Goose Eye XL 949, Charles 945, Bloom 940, Ingrid 919



Mark is a hand tufted wool carpet available in no less than 116 colors. The color scheme has been developed over the years and chosen from an artistic point of view. By using the same yarn as for our Häggå and Arkad families it is possible to produce this tufted rug in the same color as the woven Häggå and Arkad. Mark can be ordered in any size and for larger projects the Kasthall Design Studio offers custom made solutions.