Published: 2016-11-28


Now its the time of year to shine bright like a dimond, the showroom in Stockholm sparkle with Monroe & Lucy , inspired by starry skies, frosty grounds and shimmering seas.

Another friend of Kasthall is invited  - Welcome De Padova!


Fogg Harlequin is based on Fogg and comes in shades of suede and leather, inspired by the afghan coats and leather patchwork of the 1970’s. The rug, designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg demonstrate the unlimited possibilities that the tufting method and Kasthall’s atelier can offer to create unique patterns and colour combinations


The iconic long-pile rug Moss is a warm and beautifully mottled rug with an individual look. The mix of long linen threads and short, coarse wool yarn makes the rug soft and luxurious, with a distinctive character that stands out from all others. Colour combinations range from bright block colours to sophisticated graphic nuances.