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Viola Gråsten (1910–1994) was a legendary pattern designer and celebrated during her lifetime. She was an impulsive designer, she sketched quickly; no anxious meticulousness and no nervous corrections would spoil her spontaneous, decisive gestures. She knew that yarn balls could never be completely controlled. They move, twist and behave as they please, and they must be allowed to do so as beautifully as possible. She wanted to unleash the potential grace of each thread. One of her rug sketches from 1956, “Galler” (Bars), was revived in conjunction with Kasthall’s 125-year anniversary. Shades of ochre, violet and cerise are quintessential examples of the deep, rich colour compositions we have come to associate with Viola Gråsten’s designs. She made her colours glow. And despite its name, the pattern is typical of this talented, freedom-loving artist. Stars and crosses appear within the play of lines of these bars, and without an ounce of rigidity. Kasthall’s design team chose to create this interpretation using new, modern technology. The pattern is printed on Kasthall’s Rita, which is woven in the finest wool and linen. The linen gives the colours an extra lustre, and a glow that we think Viola would have appreciated.


  • 160x240cm
  • 195x300cm


  • PRODUCT TYPE: Printed rug in pure wool and linen
  • WARP MATERIAL: 100% linen
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 3420 g/m²
  • WEFT MATERIAL: 86% wool and 14% linen
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: approx 10 mm
  • SIZE: 160x240 cm, 195x300 cm
  • EN13501-1CFL EN13501-1CFL
  • EN1307-32 EN1307-32

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