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By chance – or rather, with the help of an intuitive feel for the spirit of the time – Kasthall’s design team selected this sketch by Ulla Ericson-Åström from our archive. The pattern is called “Kaktus” and consists of broad, beautifully shaped leaves that spread serenely across the surface of the rug. This variety of cactus, called opuntia, can survive anything and is often used as a natural fence around homes and animal pastures in North Africa. The opuntia cactus lives in the most barren soil, has beautiful yellow flowers, and provides juicy, edible fruits. It is now hand tufted in Kasthall’s Stubb quality, which can also endure anything. Ulla Ericson-Åström’s sketches are thorough and clearly outlined, yet simultaneously rhythmic and charmingly alive – something the design team has captured in this new interpretation. Ulla Ericson-Åström was one of the many gifted pattern designers to leave a mark at Kasthall. She conveyed her love for every bird and flower in the garden in several patterns that, today, must be considered classics of Swedish textile design.


  • 170x240cm
  • 200x300cm


  • PRODUCT TYPE: Handtufted rug in pure wool and linen
  • BASE FABRIC: Polyester
  • ADHESIVE: Acrylic polymer
  • PILE HEIGHT: approx 22 mm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: approx 26 mm
  • SIZE: 170x240 cm and 200x275 cm
  • PILE MATERIAL: 50% wool and 50% linen
  • BACKING MATERIAL: Polypropylene and recycled yarn
  • PILE WEIGHT: approx 2800 g/m²
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 3600 g/m²
  • NOTE: Burning Classification achieved only when using Flame Retardant
  • EN13501-1CFL EN13501-1CFL
  • ASTM2859-01 ASTM2859-01
  • LC5 LC5
  • EN1307-23 EN1307-23

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