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Maja is a luxurious wall-to-wall carpet made in 100% wool. With its pile height of 1cm, its sumptious feeling suits both domestic settings and lighter commercial areas such as hotel rooms. The collection comprises no less than 22 colours, which means that you’ll be sure to find just the right nuance for your needs. Its uni-coloured surface makes it both easy to install and easy to fit into almost any decorating scheme. Maja is also available as an area rug with stitched edges.



Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg

Between 1987 – 2015, Gunilla Lagerhielm Ullberg, was the Lead Designer of Kasthall. She has designed most of Kasthall’s classic collections, such as Moss, Fogg, Häggå and Tekla, and she has been awarded numerous prestigious design accolades – most recently the Elle Decoration “Designer of the Year” award in Sweden. 

During Gunilla’s 28 years at Kasthall, she played a significant role in driving the designer brand forward and is often referred to as ‘The Queen of Rugs'. In December 2015, she passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer.  Gunilla will always be a significant part of Kasthall and her timeless designs will remain relevant for generations to come. 


Filippa K


  • PRODUCT TYPE: Tufted wall-to-wall carpet in 100% wool
  • BACKING: Woven P.E.
  • PILE HEIGHT: approx 10 mm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: approx 12 mm
  • ROLL WIDTH: approx 400 cm
  • PILE MATERIAL: 100% wool
  • ADHESIVE: Action back P.P
  • PILE WEIGHT: approx 1850 g/m²
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 3165 g/m²
  • ROLL LENGHT: approx 25 m
  • EN13501-1BFL EN13501-1BFL
  • LC4 LC4
  • CU CU
  • EN1307-33 EN1307-33