Kasthall has been at the forefront of the interior design industry for over 100 years. We combine elegant designs, materials of the utmost quality, and superior craftsmanship to make unique rugs that define every room and floor. Together with architects and designers, we create beautiful homes, offices, retail stores, hotels, and yachts. As a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden, our rugs are also used in historical buildings and palaces.

History in brief

In 1889, the Swedish entrepreneur Ludvig Anderson established the company Kasthall in Sweden. With production up and running, word of the company's grand designs and high-quality products soon began to spread, and within years Kinna had become the heart of Sweden's textile industry. Kasthall's highly creative environment has since attracted some of Sweden's most prominent designers, such as Ingrid Dessau, Viola Gråsten, Astrid Sampe and Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg. Kasthall and its designers have received multiple prestigious awards and honors through the years, both internationally and nationally.

Production rooted in history

When the Kasthall rug factory opened for production in 1889, it was the first of its kind in Sweden. Riding on the wave of the technological revolution and the introduction of electricity, Kasthalls production methods spearheaded the Swedish design industry into the future. The Kinna factory, located in the western region of southern Sweden, has since been an integral part of the area's renowned interior design legacy. To this day, production remains in Kinna, where all Kasthall rugs are designed and crafted.

When Ludvig Andersson founded "Ludvig Anderssons mattor" in 1889, it was Sweden's first industrial rug company. Utilizing the introduction of electricity, the factory located in "Källängs väveris" old premises quickly spearheaded the Swedish textile industry into the future. In 1901, the entire production moved to the newly constructed factory in Kinna, on a site called "Kasthall." In the '1920s, the company was changed to a limited company and renamed "Aktiebolaget Ludvig Andersson, Kasthall Mattor."

Since then, the Kasthall factory in Kinna, located in the western region of southern Sweden, has been an integral part of the area's renowned interior design legacy. To this day, all Kasthall rugs are designed and crafted in the factory.

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Understanding quality

Our crafting principles have remained the same since the company's inception – creating original rugs that are beautiful, durable, and a pleasure to walk on. At the Kasthall Design Studio, creativity is placed firmly at the center of the design process. Here, product developers and designers work side by side, using their combined expertise of how each material performs to create unique designs and bring them to life. This unique design philosophy has attracted some of the world's most prominent designers. For interior designers, creating Kasthall rugs is regarded as a stamp of recognition.

Bringing rug designs to life

At Kasthall, we strive for perfection through passion. We bring rug designs to life, from yarn to the finished rug. Each woven and hand-tufted rug is one of a kind and tailor-made. Using only the finest natural materials, we combine superior craftsmanship with exceptional design understanding to create handcrafted rugs of the highest quality. Each produced rug is examined thoroughly before receiving a hand-signed label, marking it as a rug of utmost quality through to the very last thread.

Made in Sweden. Designed for the world.

Though deeply rooted in Swedish traditions, our products and influence stretch well beyond our own borders. Today, we are established in over thirty countries, with showrooms in fashion capitals such as New York and Milan. We continuously invite some of the world's most acclaimed designers and architects to initiate collaborations and gather inspiration from all over the world.

Crafted to last a lifetime

Kasthall's main ethos is longevity, and all our rugs are made to last a lifetime or longer. Producing timeless designs of the highest quality requires a great understanding and respect for the materials we work with – which is another central part of our design philosophy. We choose materials with the utmost care, and our woven and hand-tufted rugs are almost exclusively made of wool and linen, both natural materials of the highest quality. Since all our products are made to order and tailor-made, no natural resources are wasted on excess production or products that will never touch a floor.

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