Kasthall is proud to announce the launch of the Tegel Collection designed by the esteemed firm David Chipperfield. Inspired by the architecture of the historic brick buildings at Kasthall’s headquarters and factory, the Tegel collection has earthy colors and functional shapes that reference the naturally weathered brick facades and forms of these buildings.


The Pritzker Prize-winning architect David Chipperfield is known for his elegant and detailed designs, and the architecturally inspired Tegel collection is no exception. 


– Together we’ve achieved an artistic and creative feat rooted in Kasthall. The versatile and exciting design appeals to a multitude of tastes and uses, says Lena Jiseborn Design and Range Director at Kasthall. 


The Tegel collection includes Corner, Side, and Centre which comprises three design variants defined by their distinct geometric compositions. As their names suggest, the rugs’ layered forms are concentrated either in the Corner, on one Side, or at the Centre.

The collection of rugs is made from premium wool and linen, using a traditional technique that creates a looped bouclé surface. The wool brings the rug depth, warmth, and volume, while the linen adds a subtle sheen that catches the light. Each design features three different colors that are carefully chosen to complement one another, resulting in a coherent and harmonious composition. The blocks of color form distinct areas that suggest different ways of organizing space when the rugs are placed in a room. 


 – We have created a rug that is not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable. We are confident that this rug will be a hit with design enthusiasts and homeowners alike, says Lena Jiseborn.

740x500_Fabriken_Barbro Danninger_WalkaboutSweden_2019

Since 1889, Kasthall has been crafting high-quality rugs at its factory located in Kinna, Sweden. Working with esteemed designers and architects to develop groundbreaking rug designs utilizing the finest materials to ensure their sustainability for a lifetime or longer. Over the past few years, Kasthall has carefully cultivated a special collaborative relationship with David Chipperfield, culminating in the creation of the Tegel collection. This collection features three different rugs, each in seven unique colorways and a variety of sizes, making it ideal for any space.


Kasthall is excited to unveil the Tegel collection during Milan Design Week, where visitors can experience the rugs firsthand at Milan Kasthall Flagship Store and Showroom. 

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