Wasted: when trash becomes treasure

Kasthall epitomizes the will to create something new and beautiful out of leftover materials, without needlessly consuming new resources – an effort that is now being highlighted in the long-awaited and already widely noted book “Wasted: When Trash Becomes Treasure”.



In this book, author Katie Treggiden celebrates the achievements of 25 international designers, manufacturers and producers who explore the potential of leftover materials as a primary resource for making new,
significant and durable products. Katie Treggiden is a multi-award-winning writer with 20 years’ experience in the creative industries.

Two direct and impressive results of Kasthall’s sustainability work are the hand-tufted wool rug “Flourish”, part of 2020 year’s collection “Colors in Between” and made of residual yarn, and its predecessor “Harvest”,
a celebrated woven rug and winner of the “Rug of the Year” award at ELLE Decoration Design Award 2018. Both “Flourish” and “Harvest” have been designed with nature’s constant change as inspiration.