VICHY: A Reimagined Classic

Kasthall Design Studio introduces VICHY, a collection of woven rugs in pure wool that celebrates the classic Gingham pattern, also known as Vichy.


Head of Design at Kasthall, Lena Jiseborn, reflects on the collection: “The VICHY collection is a celebration of squares and stripes, an integral part of Kasthall’s rich design heritage. We’ve embraced the familiarity of the checkered pattern and given it a modern twist.” 



Kasthall_Vichy_Sloe_Berry_252_SAMPLE (3)_740x500
Kasthall_Vichy_Quince_486_LS (4)_500x500

The VICHY collection embodies the tactile experience of Kasthall rugs. Through the use of high-quality wool and a considerable amount of yarn, the result is a denser and more versatile product, which makes each rug both long-lasting and a pleasure to walk on. 


Inspired by the enduring presence of the checkered pattern in fashion and interior design, the VICHY collection brings a fresh perspective to a timeless motif with centuries of history. Lena Jiseborn shares, “The vibrant fashion scene of the 1950s greatly influenced our creative process, resulting in a collection that beautifully offers a nostalgic yet contemporary embrace of the checkered design.” 




Eight colorways

VICHY is a playful and sophisticated woven rug in pure wool that is available in eight colorways: Vanilla Coconut, Quince, Mango Peach, Raspberry Blue, Cassis, Sloe Berry, Mint Chocolate, and Pistachio.

Each rug tells a unique story and is crafted with care and artistry at the Kasthall Factory in Kinna, Sweden.  

"A true statement rug that aligns with Kasthall's authentic spirit," Lena concludes.



Design by: Kasthall Design Studio
Product type: woven rug in pure wool. 
Suggested sizes:  85x240 cm, 135x200 cm, 165x240 cm, 195x300 cm, 240x350 cm, 290x400 cm, 340x450 cm.
Custom-made sizes: choose a width between 70-600 cm and any length. 


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