Dalstorp, Tranemo

Dalstorp Church

Dalstorp's church is designed by architect Bengt Jörgen Jörgensen, and built between 1964-65. The church congregation asked for a replacement for their previous stolen rug. They wished the new rug to be something completely different in expression from the stolen rug..

The rug is designed by Kasthall's Anna Rydén. The design process took elements from the forest as inspiration, which gave a suggestive pattern with the possibility of making an personal interpretations. Forest green tones prevail together with elements of brown-violet surfaces and different blue tones, symbolizing bodies of water, together with a sense of yellow reflections from the sun. The rug together with the church altarpiece in relief cast in bronze by Jörgen Martinsson makes a strong impression in the otherwise bare church room.

The rug is hand-tufted in quality Classic 100% wool with elements of lurex in gold and copper.

Creative idea and design: Anna Rydén

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