Gustav Adolfs Torg, Göteborg

Gothenburg City Hall

The Gothenburg City Hall dates back to the 17th century. An extension to the original building was added in 1936, designed by architect Gunnar Asplund. One of Asplund's most important projects, the new building features many of Kasthall's most famous rugs and carpets, including bespoke editions of Esther, Gry, Häggå, and numerous other hand-tufted rugs. Two of the rugs were original designs by Asplund himself and were later hand-tufted at the Kasthall Atelier.

Kasthall rugs

Häggå, Esther, Gry, Bespoke hand-tufted

Architect | Designer

Gajd Arkitekter


Lasse Olsson