Varese, Ispra


EU joint research center building is decorated with two Kasthalls rugs, Macro Melange in Pale Rust and Macro Melange in Grey Green. The decore aims to create environments for the common areas of the new building to promote the sharing of expertise between the staff and researchers at EU Joint Research Center campus in Ispra. 
Following the architectural concept,  the design proposes the use of two colour palettes to recall water and earth. Despite the multiple functions, the design is unified and coherent thanks to the choice of common furnishings and materials that give life to a new dynamic and flexible space.
“We admire the way Kasthall has interpreted tradition in a modern key. The rugs, in two different elegant colours, is distinguished by its construction, which combines extreme durability and an easy-to-clean floor surface with comfort and a sophisticated design. These characteristics allowed us to improve the quality of the common area and define the different functions of the open space.

Kasthall rugs

Macro Melange

Architect | Designer



Simone Ottaviani