Kö Bogen II, Düsseldorf

Gerchgroup Headquarter

A large range of Kasthall rugs was used in the design of the new Headquarter GerchGroup AG in Kö-Bogen II in Düsseldorf. The chosen rugs for the occasion, were Stubb in the color Black Bean, Loop Melange in the color Dusty Olive, Harper in the color Redwood, and Ängsmark.

The decisive of the selection was the high quality of Kasthall rugs. The minimalist design and the alternation between high- and flat-woven rugs optimally underline the clear, uniform design language of the interior design concept and the chosen colors. The result shows an extremely harmonious interplay of materiality, color, and strict design language in the form of representative and inviting common areas for employees and customers.

Kasthall rugs

Stubb, Ängsmark, Loop Melange, Harper

Architect | Designer

archwerk GmbH


Laura Thiesbrummel


Black Beans 504

Loop Melange

Dusty Olive 5808


Redwood 881