Taichung, Taiwan

Residential Tower

International architecture and design firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) is the creative force behind the residential tower in the 7th District of Taichung, Taiwan. The 128-meter-high tower, with 168 residential units, is called “La Bella Vita” Italian for “good life”. As ACPV’s design for the Treasure Garden residential tower is in the same building block, La Bella Vita blends elements of an Italian approach with influences from the East. A special feature of the design of La Bella Vita is that it encourages practices of communal living by creating a series of livable biospheres along the entire height of the tower. The lower floors create a new infrastructure for co-living with the presence of shared areas such as the library, the gym, the pool, the dining and meeting rooms.

In the design process for La Bella Vita, a careful study of the urban context was carried out. The result is a high-rise building that creates living spaces with interiors that are infused with effortless luxury. The collection of residences is curated to the finest details to evoke a sense of refined sophistication and to encourage practices of communal living. Residential units feature large, open balconies and uninterrupted views that create a unique sense of outdoor living in the urban context.

Kasthall is represented in this remarkable residential building with rugs in the shared areas as well as in some apartments. The rugs featured below in order; Häggå Uni, Core, Loop Melange, Ängsmark, Häggå Special.

Kasthall rugs

Häggå, Core, Ängsmark, Loop Melange

Architect | Designer

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel


Court. Continental Development Corp


Color Juni 306

Loop Melange

Color Almond Butter 8608

Häggå Uni

Color Ice Grey 5011