Waterlane, London

Water-side Home

This water-side house is Kasthall marked through and through, with architect Francisco Cortina placing Kasthall rugs in almost every room. The house staircase is clad with Kasthall's woven rug Häggå, and the bedroom and dining room are decorated with a custom-made Rita rug each. The bespoke floral pattern by the main seating area is the crown jewel of the design and was developed specifically for this setting by Kasthall then chief designer Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg. The two bedrooms are decorated with a custom-made Rita and a rug from the Moss collection, respectively. The dining room floor hosts another custom-made Rita.

Kasthall rugs

Häggå, Moss, Rita, Bespoke printed

Architect | Designer

Francisco Cortina