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  • Product type : woven rug in pure wool.
  • Weft material : 100% wool.
  • Warp material : 100% linen.
  • Total thickness : approx. 7 mm.
  • Total weight : approx. 2310 g/m².

Suggested sizes: 85x240 cm, 135x200 cm, 160x240 cm, 195x300 cm, 240x350 cm, 290x400 cm, 340x450 cm

Custom made sizes: choose width between 70-600 cm.

Ellinor Eliasson

Ellinor Eliasson is educated at The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, only a few miles from the Kasthall headquarters in Kinna. She started at Kasthall as an intern at our product and design department in 2015 and has since been part of many acclaimed design projects. Ellinor developed the Harvest concept – woven rugs made from residual yarn.