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Quartz 803Quartz 803
Dolomite 804Dolomite 804
Marcasite 504Marcasite 504
Gabbro 703Gabbro 703
Citrine 805Citrine 805
Carnelian 801Carnelian 801
Amazonite 503Amazonite 503
Bronzite 700Bronzite 700
Azurite 702Azurite 702
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  • Product type : woven bouclé rug in pure wool and linen.
  • Weft material : 77% wool and 23% linen.
  • Warp material : 100% linen.
  • Total thickness : approx. 10 mm.
  • Total weight : approx. 3000 g/m².

Suggested sizes: 90x240 cm, 140x200 cm, 170x240 cm, 200x300 cm, 250x350 cm, 300x400 cm, 350x450 cm

Custom made sizes: choose width between 70-600 cm and any length. Also suitable as an exclusive wall-to-wall carpet.

Kasthall Design Studio

If the factory is the pulsing heart of Kasthall, then the Design Studio is its brain. Located at the Kasthall headquarters in Kinna, it is the creative function of the product and design development. At the studio, designers and product developers work side by side with the shared vision of creating rugs and carpets of the utmost quality, tailor-made for their intended purposes.